Turkey’s first art hotel Casa dell’Arte, is not just a hotel. It offers much more; exhibitions, workshops and various art activities for children and adults including art residency programs for young artists supporting new talents in Turkey.

The "Guest Chef Program", which was launched in 2015 at NINU Restaurant in Casa dell'Arte Hotel, continues with brand new chefs this year.

Ninu Restaurant, which means "we, women" in Sumerian language celebrates women leadership and unity even with its name, opens its kitchen to offer different tastes, giving priority to female chefs.

The Guest Chef Program allows chefs to explore their creativity at certain periods each season and get together with guests who want to experience different tastes and gourmets who want to treat their palate to flavor meeting with art.

Casa dell'Arte Hotel has hosted many successful chefs in the past. Murat Bozok from Mimolet, Jale Balcı from Antiochia, Bengi Kayhan, who had previously served as the chef of famous restaurants such as Asitane and ZeldaZonk in Istanbul, and Pelin Dumanlı from Foodrum have been guests of our kitchen.

The Guest Chef Program can be as short as a week or as long as a season. This year, the program comes to life with Pınar İshakoğlu between August 18th and September 5th.

Pınar İshakoğlu, the first to bring the “private chef” concept to Turkey, a huge trend worldwide, has worked with famous Italian chef Maurizio Morelli at the start of her career at Cento per Cento, Istanbul. Later on, she worked as a sous chef in one of London's best fine dining restaurants Latium and Italian Trattoria Briciole on Morelli’s team. She worked as a pastry chef at London Soho House for the following 2 years.

Currently she consults on menus for many hotels and restaurants at the same time with her private chef business.

Pınar İshakoğlu will combine the unique and bold style of fine dining with the colorful simplicity of mezes from August 18th to September 5th 2017. She will do justice to meze-tapas, the gift of Mediterranean cuisine to the world while adding a delicious dimension to the sophisticated atmosphere of Casa dell'Arte Hotel.

Make your reservation now and do not miss this culinary feast. You can register online by filling out the form below or you can reach Emre Çelik on the phone number +90 538 224 04 48.

Date August 18th to September 5th 2017 • Per person: 160 TL + %10 service charge (2 glasses of wine included)